These past few days have been thought-provoking for me as it was a rather large decision to make. Me and my mother have discussed about XCE and my future. I wanted to go to XCE as some sort of “preparation” for my going abroad for college. The thing is, it may have conflicts with my taking of the SAT’s (which is needed for me to go abroad). Thanks to that, I could only have one, either to go to China or not so I can go abroad. It sucks that I can only have one, but I have come to find more clarity from this. I’m going to China, for me to develop my independence and further sharpen my abilities. I may not be able to go abroad anymore, but I see now that I was being too eager about it. I thought I really needed to go abroad, but I know see there’s no rush to do so. XCE will allow me to mature further as a person, and, as of know, this is what I truly need. May God help me in my choice, so that everything will work out in the end.