The final SOP was very personal to me because my group, as well as the ones from other sections, where able to serve the residents of Ephpheta. With a ton of softdrinks, sticks of barbeque, and a large wok for sotanghon, we held a mini-banquet in the community center.  We went around serving food and handing out drinks while we and our families talked and had fun. It was not a giant celebration, but I could tell that most of us had fun spending time with each other. It was the personal relationship that made the entire thing fun and enjoyable. After the end of the eating and drinking, I brought my family to their house around the corner before the rain would start to pour. I said my final farewells to them and made my way back.

This year’s SOP was all about that personal relationship. moving past physical appearances and simply learning to enjoy the company of others. It’s a simple thing that you learn to appreciate and love. I’ll cherish what I’ve learned from the residents of Ephpheta, forever looking at things with more than just my eyes.