The first day of SOP was not what it seems. This was because our group had run into a lot of complications on the way to the Ephpheta Community in Antipolo. The main problem we encountered was getting our food. We stopped at a Jollibee on the way to our institution to buy food for our partners, but we ended up waiting there for an hour. After we got our food, we ended up getting lost on the way there, but a kind jeepney driver was nice enough to show us the way to our institution. In the end, we got there late, but Mr. Cabanos consoled us by saying we were the first group to be complete.

When I got there, I was introduced to my partner, Ate Elna. She was an old woman living with her family in Ephpheta. She was blind, but it surprised me as to how she was actually able to move around pretty well. I gladly helped around their house by buying them juice, sweeping the floor, and washing rice. She and her family were a very nice bunch, and I look forward to being with them for the next three saturdays.

This SOP day was a learning experience of the good and bad kinds. While my group was not at its best, I hope this day will help us to make the rest of the SOP days a better and fuller experience.