The final day of SOP was very fun and filled with experiences I won’t forget. We planned together with the residents of barangay Salapan to have a small party. The residents cooked a huge bowl of pancit and we all brought a bucket of chicken. Me and my groupmates were servers during the duration of the party, serving the residents food and bringing bottles of soda we bought from a nearby sari-sari store. A couple of us showcased their talents to the crowd of people. Aaron Cobankiat showcased his sleight of hand by demonstrating magic tricks. Me and Lorenzo Tan sang “Narda” together with the children. Some of us even danced along to “Party Rock Anthem” (I was left amazed by someone’s handstand). Just from the spirit and attitude of the entire celebration, I am pretty sure that all of us had a great time. As we said our final goodbyes, I felt it hard to accept I wouldn’t probably ever see these people again.

I won’t be forgetting the time I spent in Barangay Salapan. It can be sure to say it was a very emotional and life-changing experience to be with the family that gladly accepted me into their warm arms. I’ll make sure to cherish the memories that SOP has brought me, because I know those memories are the ones that change me for the better.