As I and my batch already know, we will begin using our laptops for the rest of our stay in high school. The school intended for these portable computers to be learning tools to help us in our studies. This may be the case, but what will really happen to our classes?

Our Mac OS units are state-of-the-art equipment that will immensely help us expand and perfect our study habits and techniques. The laptops are, besides a learning tool, a great distraction during our time in school. Some students who may have short attention spans will possibly start surfing the internet or start playing online games instead of listening to the lecture of the teacher. The odds of both of these things happening make the situation appear to be at an impasse. If the student population follows the ideals that the school wants to project through the laptops, the One2One program will be a success and it might be possibly implemented into the curriculum of other batches. If the situation dwindles into the “distraction” aspect of the laptop, the school will probably have no choice but to take away the idea of One2One learning and make us go back to the same old, uninteresting version of school.

The future of Xavier School ultimately falls onto the laps of our batch. What we will do, only time will tell.